Shabbat Haggadah (PDF)

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A Special Shabbat Haggadah to help you celebrate and remember what Shabbat is for!

Created by Rebekah Garvin

You will love this little booklet that encourages you to delight in YHVH's Shabbat. Print out this 24 pages in color and then saddle stitch it. Print out one for each person coming to your Erev Shabbat table! They will take home a beautiful little reminder of what Shabbat is all about and ideas on how to celebrate it and what Havdalah (a way to close out Shabbat) is all about, too. There is even Rebekah's recipe for her challah and a soup she loves to make for Erev Shabbat.

Purchase is good for 1 download for you, your family and your Feast guests this year. Please do not share the PDF file with others. It is for you and your family and guests only. This is on your honor. Thanks!