Purim Table Quiz (PDF)

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Purim Quiz for your Party!

by Rebekah Garvin

Pop a quiz during your Purim Party to see how well your guests know the story of Purim. Give a gift for the family or person who wins!

Adult Quiz:

  • Part 1 is 52 questions about the story.
  • Part 2 is 37 questions about the parallels found in the story for believers.

Kids Quiz:

  • 19 questions and is multiple choice.

Included is the answer key and lots of Scriptures; a study on the Decree of Death and Decree of Life for you to do or copy and pass out. This is an excellent way to teach and engage your audience in what this story and festival is about.

2 pdf files.

Purchasing the PDF allows you to print this quiz for your family and friends joining you for the Festival. Please do not share the digital file. This is on your honor. Thanks!