Purim Schpiel (PDF)

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A Purim Schpiel from Teshuvah Ministries!

Written by Rebekah Garvin, using the Scriptures and the Apocrypha.

Improv! 16 Parts in this play (including the Narrator). Pass out the parts (separate pdf's for each part) to your guests and the narrator will read and walk everyone through the drama. Super fun if actors and actresses wing it and consider it improv (adding their own fun lines to the play). Parts include: Narrator, Little Hadassah, Hadassah's parents, Mordecai, King Saul, Samuel, King and Queen Agag, King Ahasuerus, Queen Vashi, Memucan, Queen Esther, Maidens, Soldiers, Hegai, Palace Friend, Haman, Pagan Priests, Zeresh, Bigthana, Teresh, Hathach, Scribe and an Angel.

Super fun addition to your Purim Party.

 Purchasing the PDF allows you to print this for your family. Please do not share the digital file. This is on your honor. Thanks!