Princess Warrior Prayer

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This book contains a war-room prayer for girls and young ladies within the Melchizedek Covenant faith.

by Rebekah Garvin

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Inspired by the Daily Prayer by John Eldredge (Ransomed Heart Ministries) it is written as a step-by-step guide and model battle prayer for young lady believers. This warrior prayer will help our daughters operate in their royal responsibilities and gain access to the Courtroom of Heaven to effectively present their requests to Yahweh (God the Father) and accomplish things for him and his Kingdom.

This book is simple--as in, It is a pick-up and pray-it book that offers young ladies a manageable and straightforward prayer that will inspire them to go into battle like a brave princess warrior. This is a prayer book, not a book about prayer. Thus, though you as a family are encouraged to study and rightly divide the word of Truth--complex theories, ideas and theology are not flushed out in this work and there is not a deluge of words for the young reader to swim through. Instead, it is an honest and straightforward read. Yes, there may be challenging ideas that assume the reader is on the same page as the author, but that is just an invitation to study the Scriptures for yourself.

Included in each chapter is a short 1-2 page teaching on what she will be praying in that section. Those are written in first-person as statements. Directly following that teaching is the actual Princess Warrior Prayer (what she says) in larger type. At the end of the book she will find the full prayer in one place for easier read.

A few of the topics include:

    *    Preparing the heart for prayer
    *    Acknowledging the True Family
    *    Remembering who you are and claiming your place in that Family
    *    Remembering there is a Larger Story
    *    Remembering that there is a War going on between 2 Kingdoms
    *    Remembering that there is a battle over the heart
    *    Recognizing the authority and work of the Messiah
    *    Getting under the protection of the Covenant (Biblical Salvation)
    *    Making bold statements such as "I will make no agreements with Evil!"
    *    Offering the small story of our lives to Yahweh's (God's) Larger Story
    *    Acknowledging that surrendering is a process
    *    "Loosing" and "binding" as the Scriptures teaches us to do
    *    Requesting Kingdom protection and covenant blessings
    *    Guarding the heart
    *    Listening to Papa

The intention of this prayer is to invite our daughters to be intimately engaged with the Creator in bringing his Kingdom. Therefore, this book will help parents teach their daughters how to pray effectively for Kingdom advancement. Read it. Memorize it. Use it as a guide. Study it over and over and you and your daughters will begin to experience the power that Yahshua says is available to his disciples, both young and old. Prayed everyday, it will become part of the training your daughter (and quite possibly you as well) needs to withstand the tribulation at the End of the Age.




Amazon Reviews:

"This is so much more than a prayer. It is an entire philosophy, an entire view on the world, on God, on the universe. In this book, the heart is central. It is the focus of the action. The battle between good and evil is being waged over the human heart. There is definitely a villain in this story, the Devil or "ha'Satan." There are also angels, a feminine member in the God-head, and humans who can effect change not only in the world they can see, but in the Spirit-realm as well. The role of hero is divided between God-the-father, whom the author affectionately calls "Papa", his son Yahshua, the Spirit or "Ruach" and the humans who are "intimate allies" with God himself. What makes this such a unique book for girls is the feminine heroine, the "Ruach ha'kodesh." This is the spirit of God or 'Holy Spirit.' This character or entity really offers a point of connection between girls and God. The implications of their being a female in the Trinity are really quite astounding, especially for young ladies. But really, for all of us too. If you think about it, we are all familiar with the idea of God as Father. And who of us doesn't need a good father. But now this book opens up the possibility of being "mothered" by God. It really brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a Comforter. This is a very unique offering. Not only does it offer a step-by-step prayer designed to keep us in step with YHVH, but it also offers step-by-step teachings the whole way through that explain the philosophy behind each section of the prayer. The teaching really give insights into how things work in the heavenlies when it comes to our prayers, and in this case, the prayers of our daughters."


"While the author chose a title generally targeting young girls, I found this book to be a great tool for anyone who is seeking a more effective prayer life, including boys and men alike. Biblically sound and full of references, directing both layman and scholar through the Truths of Scripture. Sure to create an effective way to teach the kids, as you seek to develop in them a faithful life of prayer. I can confidently recommend this book to both my family and friends."


"Excellent! I have been waiting and praying about and for this type of prayer and prayer war rooms to rise up.I miss the ol' prayer meetin' and really pressing in especially among Messianics, Torah observant believers ect. It's a blessing to see this.I have read almost all already and stopped to gift my own daughter now a young married women,yet still a daughter and princess of YHVH.Funny I just said last night Princess "I'm a Princess" in a light text conversation with another believer. Sometimes we can forget how true these things are amidst the struggles of daily life and the darkness out there these days. I would highly recommend this book and encourage other sisters in YHVH to join together in prayer.Thank you Todah & Shalom"


"Just bought it and am only about 1/4 the way through so far. Rebekah Garvin has made it as simple as possible yet so profound as she pulls form the beautiful principles and truth's of the Father's Word to us. Definitely a book that is long over due. Not just for little girls...I'm 53 and wish I'd had this decades ago. This will definitely change your prayer life forever. Thank you, Rebekah. I can't wait to finish."


"The Author Rebekah Garvin has amazing gifts and talents! In her book The Princess Warrior Prayer she discloses, in most beautiful and inspiring words, how to be a powerful prayer warrior. So, if you want to really LIVE, if you want to be FREE, if you want HOPE, if you want HEALTH, Spiritual PROSPERITY, PROTECTION and PEACE, and increased FAITH, then read this anointed book and pray your heart. Teach this by modeling it to girls and young ladies. May Abba Father bless this book to be all that it was inspired to be at such a time as this. May many receive inspiration to live this prayer - acting it out in faith and beauty - that Abba may be glorified in the lives His beautiful Princesses! Take the first step and purchase this life changing book today!"


"I love Rebekah's heart for Scripture and her Saviour. What a beautiful work to turn us into Prayer Warriors!"


"Awesome book, very readable and understandable. In this overly complicated world with way too much information readily at our hands, it is nice to have things simplified and clear. I was able to read half this book in my first sitting and was reminded and also educated on a better way to engage in a prayer life. All too often I get so wrapped up in my own little world and forget the larger story- thank you for the reminder. I also tend to forget my heart along the way as well. Great suggestions and information. Would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with spiritual warfare , a broken heart longing for paradise and all of us who are anxiously and earnestly praying for the kingdom. Thanks Rebekah- for your spiritual guidance and for sharing your love of Yahweh and His kingdom."


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