Hand-dipped Havdalah Candles

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Pure Beeswax Havdalah Candles for closing out Shabbat!

Again, just like Rebekah's Shabbat tapers, these special braided candles smell so so so so good! They are 10" long made of pure beeswax from a local Washington bee keeper. Cleaned by the bee keeper and hand dipped and braided by Rebekah and her family –– these make a great addition to your "exiting Shabbat" traditions. Because these burn like a torch they will not burn for long if you let it, but use it sparingly it can last a month of Shabbats. Place in a bowl of wax because it will drip! These candles are braided with 12 skinny tapers – representing the 12 tribes of Israel becoming one house again in the future. You will get one of the designs shown in the picture, we will randomly pick.

Due to them being homemade they are beautiful in a few irregularities. Made with love for YHVH Elohim's Shabbats!