Characteristics of a Melchizedek Priest Workbook

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What Does Yahshua Want Me to Be Like?

by Rebekah Garvin

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102.1 TC Melchizedek Studies. Workbook consists of 10 multiple-choice tests (334 questions) that will help students know at a glance if they have (or are gaining) the royal characteristics Yahshua said his priests would have. Students will do a basic audit of their life and discover what pleases YHVH. Through a series of tests students will be walked through all the qualities important to Yahshua for his royal priests to have. As the High Priest and King in the order of the Melech Tzedek he knows what pleases the Father. This course benefits the student who is "seeking first his Kingdom and righteousness" (right doings) by inviting them to take the time to do an audit of their life. In depth teaching on each characteristic will be given through other courses. This is a great starting place to audit your life. Take all 10 tests to get a full picture of what is important to Yahshua!

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