Chanukah Heart Dedication Scrolls

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This is a PDF that you will print out to use in your handmade scrolls!

Our heart dedication print is aimed at helping you re-dedicate your heart to it's original purpose on the last day of Chanukah! Print out and glue this dedication to your scrolls.

19"x5" and 2 files.

Part of the scroll reads:

....Today I dedicate (or re-dedicate) the following to you:

my mind and body
my worship
my will
my heart
my domain (all that I own)
my family
my money  
my energy

It is my desire to give to you generously all that I have. I want to stay (or become) a clean temple for you––no matter the cost. I want my heart to be re-dedicated back to my original purpose: to be a dwelling place for my Creator, Yahovah Elohim.


Grant me a teachable spirit, so that you may instruct me in your ways and move my heart where you want it to go.

Grant me the ability to repent and remove any blindness I might have and give me eyes to see and ears to hear.


Grant that your light be my armor–– empowering me to be a light on a hill helping others find you in the darkness of this age.

In the presence of these 2 witnesses, it is my sincere desire that this Chanukah I be lit by THE Menorah (Yahshua) and become your temple, Yahovah. I offer it for you to clean, to fill-up and to work through. I am at your service, great High Priest and King, Yahshua ha’Mashiach.
So let it be written, so let it be done!

“Hear O Israel! Yahovah is our Elohim. Yahovah is one!....