Challah Tags (PDF)

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Challah Tags

Created by Rebekah Garvin, Teshuvah Ministries

Print and attach these pretty challah tags to your "give-away" loaf of challah! I love to give away a fresh baked braided challah on Friday. Challah smells so good coming right out of the oven. I just love to share. But I also want those whom I give this loaf away to understand what Shabbat and Challah is all about. Attach these little tags with a ribbon for a perfect way to invite your receivers into understanding Shabbat and Challah are all about.  Created by Rebekah Garvin, Teshuvah Ministries

Black and white, 2-sided.

Purchase is good for 1 download for you, your family and your Feast guests this year. Please do not share the PDF file with others. It is for you and your family and guests only. This is on your honor. Thanks!