Back to the Melchizedek Future, by Dr. David Perry, Th.D.

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The Book of the Covenant and the Book of the Law are two different books.

Back to the Melchizedek Future, By Dr. David Perry, Th.D.

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The first was the Answer to the Promise Covenant made in Genesis 15. The other was imposed because Israel broke the Covenant. It was meant to be temporary and was prescriptive law until Yahshua. After his death and resurrection Yahshua was made the High Priest of h Father's Royal Priesthood, the Melchizedek Priesthood. A change in Priests equals a change in Law. Yahshua restored the original Melchizedek Priesthood, its Covenant, its Law and its issues. This is the Royal Priesthood that we are all being called into. Entrance into this New Covenant is 'circumcision of the heart' there is no entry into it without it. These priests will be keeping the Melchizedek Mo'edim (the Appointments or Feasts. We are to have the mind of the Messiah, not a Levitical or Rabbinic mindset.
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This book, Covenants of Promise is Dr. David Perry's full dissertation on the difference between the Book of the Covenant and the Book of the Law.
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Book reviews:


"This book is a 'must have' for your studies into the Melchizedek Priesthood. Dr. Dave explains in great detail the distinction between the Book of the Law and the Book of the Covenant - that they're not synonymous, thus shattering the Judaeo Christian religious status quo and breaking new ground as discerning bible students discover what Torah and Messiah is really all about!" Matthew Nolan


"I was recently, mildly rebuked for grilling chicken for fellowship on the Sabbath. I never considered it at the time, I was helping my wife who had much on her that weekend. I saw it as a labor of love and ignored the rebuke. It was a delight to read in your book Back to the Melchizedek Future, and realize there was no fire restrictions until the Book of the Law. There are beginning to be a lot of people who will look into this enough to study it out and begin to see it. Often as I read, then search through the scriptures, there is a BIG smile on my face. It really changes things. Thanks." Donald McGrew 


"Dr. Dave, I have put your book down and picked it up again for over a year. It is good but requires much study and searching to test it. Recently I have been driven to finish it. (Back to the Melchizedek Future). I will then stay in the another one. I have also snatched up any thing that Matthew Nolan has put it on the same subject. I believe it changes every thing, if you believe Messiah had returned once as Yeshua. It has been a great and benefiting study. Shalom."  Donald McGrew


"Great Book .....For any Truth Seeker ........Torah Keeper ....Who believes in Yahshua!" Donna Overton


"Woohoo! What an eye opener, opens the Scriptures to a Higher Level!!" Donna Overton


"Like, like, like, like, and then some more likes!" Janis Walters-Barelman


"Dr. Dave, I have just this a.m. finished your “Back to the Melchizedek Future”. I read it slowly and thoroughly checking scripture references as I read. It is amazing. No, I don’t have any questions. I thought you explained things well and even outlined questions you still have. The book has been so helpful in cementing exactly which covenant I want to be in = Melchizedek or Levitical. Melchizedek wins hands down. While I admit this has not been a difficult choice because I’ve never been fond of the Rabbinical Judaism Messianic way since embracing my Hebrew roots 10 years ago, still I now recognize what a schizophrenic position it was to keep some of the laws and ignoring the most Rabbinical and ones “that couldn’t be kept”. I appreciate your efforts to enlighten us all. I have your “Covenant of Promise” book but I couldn’t wait to read “Back to the Mel. Future” so I started there. Reading this book has really opened my eyes as never before to the full extent of what Yahshua has done for me. Our Melchizedek future is very exciting." Donna Teague


"This book is excellent! Use it in conjunction with Torah to the Tribes playlist Melchizedek and learn a lot." Charles Michael Hill


"Spot on!!!" Sylvia


"Barley through the first chapter and already pleased with the format and the information presented." Amazon customer



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